6 thoughts on “Rep Jim Jordan: ‘The Chaos at Our Southern Border is No Accident. It’s Deliberate. It’s By Design.’

  1. I would like to thank you, Tuxicat, for “liking” 31 of my comments (maybe ALL of them.) Basically (except for you) I have gotten NO action here, so, thank you again!
    As I recall, I think Breck herself “liked” one of my comments, way back in the beginning. I also think she “disliked” my comment about Sandy Hook and that huge trial amount against…can’t even think of his name right now.


    1. I apologize, Breck. When I made that comment I was referring to the Alex Jones trial and Sandy Hook. I figure many people do not like Alex Jones. For that story I said something like “I hope some day we can know the truth of Sandy Hook.” I don’t remember exactly what you said but something like “we already do” And then I read into that, that you “disliked” my comment. I had no right to make that suggestion, and even if you did “dislike” my comment that was entirely YOUR right.
      Again I apologize. I appreciate the professional work you do and I’m glad you do it.
      You needn’t write back. I’m good with just letting all these words fly away.


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