FOX GETS TUCKED: Fox News to Part Ways With Tucker Carlson Effective Immediately, Says Network

NEW YORK– Tucker Carlson’s wildly successful evening news show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” is no more effective immediately, according to a press release issued Monday by the Fox News Network.

“FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” the statement reads.

“Mr. Carlson’s last program was Friday April 21st,” the statement continues. “Fox News Tonight will air live at 8 PM/ET starting this evening as an interim show helmed by rotating FOX News personalities until a new host is named.”

The announcement came just days after the network announced it had parted ways with conservative commentator Dan Bongino and spurned an immediate backlash from loyal Carlson fans, many of whom say they will no longer watch the network.

“Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. This is the biggest mistake Fox has ever made,” political commentator Robby Starbuck wrote on Twitter. “I don’t know the reason for the exit but the timing couldn’t be worse for Fox.”

The sentiment was echoed by former Fox News associate producer Kyle Becker who tweeted, “Dan Bongino & Tucker Carlson are out at Fox News. Fox News just got rid of two of its most-watched conservative commentators. It is hard to believe this is about business and not about politics. This strikes me as the beginning of a purge of conservatives on cable news.”


‘SORRY, NOT SORRY’: Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize for ‘misogynistic’ comments

NEW YORK — Fox News host Tucker Carlson came under fire Monday after audio recordings dating back to 2006 surfaced that captured comments some say were “offensive to women.”

In segments dating from between 2006 to 201, Carlson, calling into the then wildly popular “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show, took aim at “unattractive women” and described former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as “anti-penis.”

“I feel sorry for unattractive women. I mean, it’s nothing they did, you know. Nobody deserves that. And men are just mean,” Carlson said of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.

“You look at Hillary and you know in your heart that if she could castrate you, she would,” he said of Clinton.

The segments, released Sunday by the radical left group “Media Matters” caused a wave of backlash on social media and let to calls for the Carlson’s immediate termination.

“During those conversations, Carlson diminished the actions of Warren Jeffs, then on the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted Fugitives’ list for his involvement in arranging illegal marriages between adults and underage girls, talked about sex and young girls, and defended statutory rape,” Media Matters said in a released statement.

Carlson has thus far refused to apologize for the more than decade-old comments, saying his words were taken out of context.

Media Matters “caught me saying something naughty,” Carlson said on Sunday night’s show. “Rather than express the usual ritual contrition, how about this: I’m on televison every night live for an hour. If you want to know what I think, you can watch. Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why.”

Pushing back, Media Matters said Carlson’s response is not enough.

“The reason we released this is precisely because the things you say on your Fox News show echo the misogyny displayed in those clips. We were actually helping people better understand just how vile your current Fox News show is by showing what that worldview really looks like,” Angelo Carusone, the head of Media Matters said in response to Sunday night’s show.

A Media Matters spokesperson tweeted on Monday that “there’s more” to come, adding that the group has reviewed nearly 100 hours of audio.

“We certainly want to make sure [the new audio tapes] are released when they can be most helpful to the media buying decision makers,” the group said.

So far Fox News has yet to issue statement on the Carlson controversy.


‘YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND ANYTHING!’ Tucker Carlson confronts illegal immigrant activist over DACA

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Fox News host Tucker Carlson lost his cool on Monday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after confronting an illegal alien over the highly controversial DACA issue.

In a clip from the show, which quickly went viral (, Carlson is seen debating Undocumedia founder Ivan Ceja over whether or not illegal immigrants have the “right” to citizenship after members of Ceja’s organization shut down a rally in protest on Monday of Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who they said “betrayed” them by negotiating with President Donald Trump on his plan to repeal the DACA program, an Obama era program which delayed deportation of illegal immigrants (

As the back and forth between the pair heats up, Ceja says DACA recipients have the right to “demand” citizenship and said his community of illegal immigrants plan to hold Americans “accountable,” for their decisions.

Tucker, in turn, called Ceja out, saying how “ungrateful” illegal aliens appear to be after benefitting as they have from the American taxpayer, calling them “demanding” and “hostile” based upon their behavior at the rally earlier in the day.

“I believe that illegal immigrants and DACA recipients are simply reacting to what’s continuing to be done over years, and that is that they’re talking about us but they’re not talking with us,” responded Ceja. “Both parties will be held accountable.”

“Slow down,” says Tucker. “You’re saying that you’re not a US citizen, and you’re saying that you and other non-US citizens are going to hold US citizens accountable for not being nice enough to non-US citizens is that what you’re saying?” Carlson asked before adding, “You don’t have a right to demand anything!”

Carlson went on to point out that in most any other country, the citizenry and government would tell the illegal immigrant to “buzz off.”

According to government statistics, illegal aliens represent more than 11 million residents of the U.S. ( Critics of the official statistics, however, argue that the numbers are likely far greater.



WASHINGTON, D.C. — One thing is for certain when it comes to president Donald Trump….He doesn’t like being told “no”.

In a counter to recent rulings against him, the 45th president told The Washington Examiner on Thursday ( that he has “absolutely” considered proposals to break up the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit.

The president’s comments come after yet another ruling by the San Francisco based 9th Circuit Court against that blocked his order to restrict funding for cities and jurisdictions that refuse to comply with federal programs on immigration enforcement.
The same court also infamously shot down a previous executive order by the president to ban travel from immigrants seeking to enter the U.S. from countries deemed to be hot spots for terror.

“There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It’s outrageous,” said Trump, who has accused liberal foes of “judge shopping” by filing suit in courts they knew would rule against him.

“Out of our very big country, with many choices, does everyone notice that both the “ban” case and now the “sanctuary” case is brought in the Ninth Circuit, which has a terrible record of being overturned (close to 80%). They used to call this “judge shopping!” Messy system,” the president tweeted on Wednesday.

“I mean, the language on the ban, it reads so easy that a reasonably good student in the first grade will fully understand it. And they don’t even mention the words in their rejection on the ban,” he told the Examiner.

If the president does decide to move forward with plans to break up the court, it appears that he will have a wealth of Republican support. Earlier this year, Sen Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) encouraged Trump to do what it takes to dismantle the 9th Circuit, which is regarded as one of the most liberal court districts in the country.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced this week that he is seeking moving forward with plans to develope legislation to punish sheriffs who operate sanctuary cities with fines and jail time.

Calling out Sheriff Sally Hernandez of Travis County, Texas by name last month, Abbott said he and Texas lawmakers intend to hit mayors of sanctuary cities where it hurts.

“She has knowingly released from jail in Travis County people who have been either convicted of or accused of serious felonies such as sexual assault,” he told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “(Those charged with) sexual assault of a minor, she’s put right back out on the streets. This is a dangerous practice that Texas is gonna hammer down. We will not tolerate this, and so we have taken action we’re gonna take even stiffer action to ban sanctuary cities in Texas.”



CHATHAM, N.J. — Two mothers of New Jersey middle school students have hired attorneys after they say they were targeted for harassment since appearing on television to voice concerns about Islamic indoctrination at their childrens’ school.

The pair had appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Show” to voice their frustration over the curriculum, which they said was more indoctrination than education.

“Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer were subjected to personal attacks throughout their campaign to stop Islamic indoctrination at the Chatham Middle School. They were defamed as “bigots” and “Islamophobes”, “hateful”, “ignorant”, “xenophobes”, “intolerant”, “racist”, “closed minded”, “sad and ignorant” in social media, and the list goes on. The attacks significantly intensified after their appearance on the Tucker Carlson Show,” reads a statement from the Thomas More Law Center (

Hilsenrath and Gayer, who each have sons in the seventh grade at Chatham Middle School, say they first voiced their concerns over the curriculum to the Chatham Board of Education at a February 6, 2017 public meeting.

They say Superintendent Michael LaSusa responded by saying that any change to the curriculum was unlikely, and then refused to meet with them privately with him to discuss the matter further.

At the center of the controversy is a video that children in the district were instructed to watch ( in which one child explains to another the fundamentals of his Muslim faith.

“The promotion of Islam is worse than what the mothers presented to Tucker Carlson,” Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center said in the statement.

“After viewing one of the videos which the seventh graders were directed to watch, I can’t imagine any objective person saying this is not Islamic indoctrination. Clueless school administrators across our nation are allowing this type of indoctrination to take place and it’s up to vigilant parents to stop it. Libby and Nancy should have been praised, not pilloried,” the statement continued.

When asked about the involvement of lawyers, school Superintendent Michael LaSusa said the following:

“As we have discussed before and as we stated at our March 6 Board of Education meeting, our school district meets and exceeds the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in all areas. As part of the school district’s social studies program, students are exposed to the tenets of all major world religions, including Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and more.”

Despite LaSusa’s statement that the curriculum covers study on most major religions, Gayer says her son was prevented from presenting a power point demonstration to the class on his Christian faith because it was deemed “proselytizing”.

Hilsenrath says she will continue the fight against what she calls “indoctrination” for as long as it takes.

“One of my fundamental obligations as a parent is to guide the religious and secular education of my children. That’s why I will continue the fight against the Islamic indoctrination now taking place at Chatham, regardless of the personal attacks,” she said.



Jorge Ramos, the Spanish-language news anchor and Mexican born anti-immigration reform activist, said white Americans will soon be the minority during a heated exchange on Wednesday during Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show (

Carlson, who challenged the anti-Trump host of Univision on his comments that America “belongs” to Hispanics, confronted Ramos on his stance that Whites will soon be the nation’s minority.

TUCKER CARLSON: “So at an event several weeks ago in February you said this, and I wanted to ask you about it, and I’m quoting you, “I’m a proud Latino immigrant here in the United States. You know exactly what is going on here in the US. There are many people who do not want us to be here and who want to create a wall in order to separate us. But you know what, this is also our country. Let me repeat this, our country, not theirs, it’s our country.” Who’s the us, and who’s the they? Whose country is it?”

JORGE RAMOS: “This is our country, it is yours, it is mine and it is ours. The interesting this is with the Trump administration and many people who support Donald Trump they think it is their country, that it is a white country and they are absolutely wrong. This is not a white country, this is not their country, it is ours, and that is precisely what I’m saying. Look in 2044, the white population will become a minority, it will be a minority/majority country, that is precisely what I’m saying..”

Things quickly took a turn for the worst, however, when Carlson pointed out that, at least physically, Ramos appeared to be mostly white.

“Let me just point out that you are white, obviously, you are whiter than I am. You’ve got blue eyes. I don’t know exactly what you mean by white or Latino,” said Carlson.

A visibly angered Ramos refused to acknowledge Carlson’s comments but instead pointed to statistics published by the U.S. Census Bureau that suggests that Caucasians in the U.S. are dying off faster than they are being born (

“I’m not exactly sure what that word means,” Carlson countered back. “So Latinos seem to encompass German-Guatemalans, Italian-Argentines, and Afro-Cubans, and non-Spanish speaking Peruvians,” Carlson said, adding “and blue-eyed rich Mexicans like you.”

Undeterred, Ramos returned to his original argument. “This is not a white country. This is not their country. It is ours,” he said.

According to the report, Caucasian children under the age of 5 are already a minority in the United States and, if current trends continue, will become a minority within 30 years. Currently, whites account for 62 per cent of the U.S. population but 78 per cent of all deaths.