SHOWED THE DOOR: Man wearing ‘F**k Trump’ shirt booted from Texas restaurant to cheers of staff, fellow customers

GARLAND, TX — A man wearing an anti-Trump shirt was kicked out of a Texas restaurant Sunday much to the pleasure of fellow patrons (

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Andy Ternay says he and his wife were escorted out of the First Watch Café on February 11 for wearing a shirt that read “FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM” on the front and “FUCK THE RACIST ALT-RIGHT” on the back after first being scolded by the restaurant’s manager.

“First, we were approached by a manager who let us know that customers were very distressed by my shirt and that children might see it,” Ternay recalled in the post. “I expressed deep sympathies and let her know that explaining ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant.”

As Ternay and his wife were being seated, the manager again told him that a group nearby “was suffering due to my indescribable poor taste.”

Ternay says after initially placing their order and being served their drinks, the restaurant’s cook, who refused to serve him, approached his table and told him to leave.

Ternay went on to say that customers sitting at a nearby table, and many of the restaurant staffers, applauded as he exited the establishment.

Ternay remains unapologetic over his attire and wrote in his Facebook post that children should be able to handle reading the f-word.

“If your kids can’t handle the word ‘Fuck’ they are going to have a really tough time in this world,” he wrote.

The restaurant in question says they’ve received mostly positive responses to the controversy.

As for Ternay, he has since deleted the post ( citing a wealth of backlash.


EXPOSED: Violent anti-Trump ‘resistance’ group donors revealed. Big names such as Kelloggs, Ford among them

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Companies behind the funding of the leftist groups waging an all-out war against President Donald Trump have been revealed courtesy unredacted tax forms and some of the names on the list are, to say the least, shocking.

According to records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, The Center for Community Change, a Washington, D.C.-based 501 (c)(3) progressive community organizing group, has been engaged in anti-Trump protests and related activities since early 2016. The group, who’s leaders sit on the board of several other left-leaning extremist organizations, received a $3,000,000 donation from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, better known as The Kellogg Company. The records show the organization also received a donation in the amount of $2,350,000, courtesy the Ford Motor Company and $1,750,000 from billionaire George Soros, who has been credited with organizing riots and protests throughout the nation.

Other donors to the organization include the California Endowment, which gave $524,500; the Marquerite Casey Foundation, which donated $515,000; Fidelity Charitable Gift, which gave $505,100; and the National Immigration Law Center, which donated $316,000 (

In addition to Soros, another notable person of interest uncovered in the report is that of Charlene Sinclair, who serves as the director of reinvestment at the Center for Community Change. In addition to her role at CFCC, Sinclair sits on the board of a group called The Emergent Fund, which has donated tens of thousands to the violent Black Lives Matter movement.



PORTLAND, OR — The mayor of Portland, Oregon on Monday called for a ban on a pro-Trump scheduled for the upcoming weekend on the grounds that such “hate fueled” will only lead to violence.

Mayor Ted Wheeler said Monday that the “alt-right demonstrations” would only fuel additional “hatred and fear” as the city works to recover from the fatal stabbing of two men who tried to shield young women from an anti-Muslim tirade last Friday.

“There is never a place for bigotry or hatred in our community, and especially not now,” Wheeler said in a three-part statement posted to Twitter. ( “I hope we rise to the memory of these two gentlemen who lost their lives,” said Wheeler. “Let’s do them honor by standing with them and carrying on their legacy of standing up to hate and bigotry and violence.”

Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday on charges of murder, attempted murder, possession of a weapon and hate crime after police say he attacked and killed two male victims on board a train. According to eyewitnesses, Christian had begun ranting about the “Muslim takeover” in the U.S. and spewing “hate speech” toward two women on the train when Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, and Ricky Best, 53, intervened. Christian, say witnesses, drew his knife and began stabbing the victims. Another man, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, was also slashed in the neck but survived. He is currently recovering in a nearby hospital.

President Trump condemned the stabbings, writing Monday on Twitter: “The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.” Despite that, Wheeler says a conservative rally at this time would only fuel tensions within the city.

“Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation,” Wheeler said.

The Facebook page ( for Sunday’s months long planned event, which praises Trump, promised speakers and live music in “one of the most liberal areas on the West Coast,” and promised the event would be “an uplifting experience to bring back strength and courage to those who believe in freedom.”

The federal government controls permitting for the plaza where the rally is scheduled to take place and Wheeler has asked that they shut it down. The city will also refuse to issue any of its own permits allowing organizers to hold the events elsewhere, Wheeler said.

The mayor says he also plans to ensure that a permit is not issued for a June 10 anti- Islamic extremist protest, KATU reports ( will be called the #MarchAgainstSharia.

Portland has been the site of several anti-Trump rallies in months past. None of which were discouraged by the mayor.



SEATTLE, WA — The city of Seattle has passed a resolution that permits city workers time off to attend anti-Trump protests.

The resolution, which passed unanimously this week (, declares May 1 a “Day of Action” in which all city employees are encouraged to attend a series of anti-Trump protests instead of reporting to work.

Drafted by Council member Kshama Sawant, a member of the Socialist Alternative party, the mandate orders supervisors of city government departments to remind city workers that they can utilize the two days they receive per year for “days of faith and conscience,” to attend the planned event.

A statement released by Sawant’s office just before the vote read:

“I urge council members to approve this May Day resolution, which explicitly recognizes the right of city workers to take the day off and provides protection to city workers who may otherwise worry about retaliation. May Day has historically been an important day of action for worker and immigrant rights. It’s especially significant this year, with immigrants, working people, labor unions, women, and the LGBTQ community under attack from Donald Trump. If Seattle is truly a Sanctuary City that supports immigrants and working people, then it should lead the way by enabling City employees to stand in solidarity with immigrants and all workers on May 1.

Further, I call on everyone who opposes Trump’s bigoted, anti-worker agenda to participate in peaceful May Day activities, particularly the official May 1 Action Coalition march. Join our growing Resist Trump Coalition to actively organize and build the fightback against the billionaire class. Without workers’ mental and physical labor no business can make profits and none of the productive forces of the world can be harnessed.”

“It’s clear when we organize, mobilize and fight, and when we strike together we can win,” Sawant told her fellow members of city council just before voting took place.

“If we truly want to build a summer of resistance against Trump and the billionaire class,” Sawant told Seattle’s King5, an NBC affiliate, “then we will need disruptive action like shutting down airports, and shutting down highways.”

When reached for comment, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said he supports the idea of Seattle city workers attending the May Day protests, but criticized Sawant’s calls to “fight”.

“I think it would be unfortunate and perhaps even tragic for an elected official to encourage people to confront and engage in confrontation with the police department,” Murray said of Sawant’s comments during a press conference.

Washington State Patrol Captain Ron Mead took it a step further, calling Sawant’s rhetoric “reckless and irresponsible.”

“It’s unsafe for both protesters and motorists alike, and we are simply not going to tolerate that unlawful behavior of trying to shut down the interstate or state highway systems,” he told local radio station KIRO.

While all city employees are eligible for the day off and encouraged to attend, the time taken off for the event will reportedly be unpaid. When asked who will cover the needs of the city as employees attend the protest, a spokesperson for city council replied, “no comment”.