‘WHAT ABOUT MY RAPE’? Clinton accuser Juanita Broderick says NBC skipped ‘perfect opportunity’ to grill Bill Clinton about alleged sexual assault

Washington, D.C. — Juanita Broaddrick says she was “sickened” by NBC’s interview of Bill Clinton during which the network asked the former president only about his sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky.

Broaddrick, who has went on record of accusing Clinton of violently raping her in a hotel room in 1978, said NBC interviewer Craig Melvin had the “perfect opportunity” to confront Clinton about the incident as they questioned him about the impact of the current “me too” movement, but chose to let it pass.

“I can’t believe there is not a reporter out there,” Broaddrick told Breitbart News in an interview. “I mean, this person had a perfect opportunity today to ask Bill Clinton about the allegations of sexual assault and rape.”

“Why doesn’t NBC have me on to discuss the rape? Of course, they are the same network that held my 1999 interview until after the impeachment hearing.”

During Monday’s interview, NBC News’ Craig Melvin asked Clinton whether he would have dealt with the Monica Lewinsky affair differently in light of the current #MeToo movement.

“I don’t think it would be an issue,” the former president told Melvin in an interview that aired Monday on the “Today” show. “Because people would be using the facts instead of the imagined facts. If the facts were the same today, I wouldn’t.”

Clinton, visibly angered by the reference to Monica Lewinsky, whom he admitted to having an extramarital affair with while serving as president, lashed out at Melvin, claiming that he, not Lewinsky, his young intern at the time, was the victim.

“A lot of the facts have been omitted to make the story work,” he claimed. “I think partly because they’re frustrated that they got all these serious allegations against the current occupant of the Oval Office and his voters don’t seem to care.”

Clinton, when asked whether he had ever privately apologized to Lewinsky over the turmoil the affair between the two had created for her in her private life, responded that he had not.

When asked whether he felt he owed Lewinsky, now 44, an apology, he replied: “No, I do not.”

“You know, his interview took away so much from the real victims over the years,” Broadrick said. “The victims against which he perpetrated the sexual assault and harassment and of course raping me.

“I’m not concerned with his consensual sex. I care about him being brought to justice for the crimes he committed against me and the others. That’s what I care about.”

None of Bill Clinton’s other alleged victims, including Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and former reporter Leslie Millwee, all of which have come forward to accuse the former president of sexual assault, were mentioned during the NBC interview.

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‘STEP DOWN!’: Abuse victims call for Franken, Conyers, Barton to resign

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey are calling for Senators Al Franken, (D)-Minn, John Conyers, (D)-Mich., and Joe Barton, (R)- Tex, to resign.

The three women, who have each accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault, have scheduled a press conference for Wednesday where they plan to demand that both Franken and Baron vacate their positions immediately in light of the recent allegations against them.

Melanie Morgan, who has accused Sen. Franken of sexual harassment, is also scheduled to attend the press conference, as is Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King. Leslie Millwee, the latest woman to come forward to accuse Clinton of sexual assault, says she too will be present. The event will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Franken is accused of groping multiple women, including radio host Leann Tweeden, who recently came forward with claims that Franken kissed her against her will.

“Our message is clear,” the women said in a press release. “Both Senator Franken and Congressman Conyers must resign now. And Congress must end taxpayer-funded payouts to harassment victims in an effort to silence their voices and complaints.”

Radio talk show host Blanquita Cullum, who has helped to organize the press conference, says their goal is to force the three men to step down.

“There are members we feel have dishonored their office and the American people by conduct unbecoming an elected official. As you can see, it’s not partisan. We feel that way about the left and the right. We’re out there saying it’s not the politics of the right and the left. It’s the politics of the right and the wrong,” said Cullum.

“The other thing we’re going to demand is the release of the list of the slush/hush fund that taxpayers funded to the amount of $17 million over the past 10 years, covering up their private sexual peccadilloes, fights that have involved members from both sides of the aisle and some very high-ranking chiefs of staff,” Cullum continued. “One thing the members have forgotten is who their real bosses are,” she said. “We hired them. It’s our money that’s paid for it. We feel it’s the right thing for them to do to let us know what we’ve been paying for. And if it’s something bad, they need to go.”