PREYING ON THE INNOCENT: Alabama man charged with over 6,500 counts of child porn

Cherokee, Al — An Alabama man has been arrested and charged with more than 6,500 counts of child pornography, say police.

According to public records, Jeffery Dale Hunt, 50, of Cherokee, was indicted Friday on 6,547 counts of child pornography involving at least 10 children. Hunt is accused of running a child pornography production operation in and around the Cherokee area.

It is one of the worst cases of child pornography they’ve seen, say police officials. Hunt’s arrest comes as he was out on bond from a previous arrest on child pornography. He was charged with having more than 2,200 images of child pornography last year. This time his bail has been set at $10 million cash.

“I don’t know that he’ll ever see the outside of a jail again unless it’s from a recreational yard or going to court,” Sgt. Greg Cobb, a spokesman for the Florence Police Department, told the Associated Press. “The detective handling the case is having to go through now and unfortunately view every one of these images on every device,” Cobb added.

An attorney representing Hunt has not returned a call requesting comment.