MARK LEVIN: The Democrats’ End Goal Is To Destroy America

JENNA ELLIS: ‘No President-Elect Until Electoral College Votes’

WASHINGTON (Newsmax) — States’ certifications and projections “don’t mean anything” when it comes to who won the Nov. 3 presidential election, because the only thing that really matters is the Electoral College, Jenna Ellis, who is part of the Trump campaign’s legal team, said Monday while discussing the push for state legislatures to appoint electors to determine the race.

“Until the Electoral College actually votes on Dec. 14, we don’t have a president-elect,” Ellis told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, explaining that the team is working “two parallel tracks to keep up the fight for President Donald Trump’s reelection.”

“First is the litigation strategy, where we’re challenging the fraud and the widespread fraud in court,” she said. “That’s where we are currently in Pennsylvania. We also have a parallel track with state legislatures.”

State lawmakers, she said, can take back their power and appoint electors to determine the race’s winner. 

“In Pennsylvania, we have two pieces pending and primed for the Supreme Court,” said Ellis. “Now we have another case in the 3rd Circuit ready to go to the Supreme Court. We have 10 days from that ruling to appeal it.”

State legislatures, she added, are “vested under the Constitution with election integrity and the ability to select the manner of their electors to move forward. We are taking this very seriously.”

Allowing lawmakers to pick the electors was “built in as a safeguard” so the people’s vote is not disenfranchised when there is “corruption and fraud” in the election, she insisted. 

“The reason for that is to make sure that people’s voice is heard and the correct outcome ultimately happens through the Electoral College,” said Ellis. “President Trump is right. There was widespread fraud, in at least 6 states … the state legislatures must take back their selection of delegates and move forward to choosing the delegates that are preferred by the people we know President Trump won in a landslide.”

Newsmax’s Sandy Fitzgerald contributed to the contents of this report.

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THE BATTLE FOR SCOTUS: Trump to announce Supreme Court nominee by end of week

WASHINGTON (The Hill) — President Trump plans to announce his nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court on Friday or Saturday, he said in an interview on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning.

“I think it’ll be on Friday or Saturday,” Trump said when asked when he would announce his decision, adding that he wanted to “pay respect” to Ginsburg, who died Friday due to complications from pancreatic cancer, by waiting until after her funeral services.

Trump also said that he had narrowed his list down to five potential nominees. Trump has already committed to choosing a woman to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

Judges Amy Coney Barrett, Barbara Lagoa and Allison Jones Rushing are among the individuals Trump is weighing as potential nominees. Barrett and Lagoa are said to be top contenders for the role.

Trump on Monday did not specifically name the individuals whom he is considering to replace Ginsburg, but he described them all as “highly qualified” and “very smart.” At one point, he also appeared to reference Rushing, saying that one of the potential nominees is 38 years old — Rushing’s age.

“It could be any one of them — they’ll all be great,” Trump told the Fox News hosts.

Trump also said during the phone interview that he would prefer a nomination vote be taken before Election Day on Nov. 3, saying that there would be “plenty of time” for his choice to move through the process.

“I think it should go very quickly. We have a lot of time,” Trump said. “Especially if the people we’re talking about, most of them are young and they’ve gone through the process pretty recently.”

Details surrounding services for Ginsburg solidified later Monday. A Supreme Court spokesperson said that the late justice will lie in repose on Wednesday and Thursday at the top of the court’s steps, following a private ceremony inside the corridor. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also announced that Ginsburg will lie in state at the Capitol’s National Statuary Hall on Friday.

A funeral service and burial at Arlington National Cemetery is expected sometime later in the week.

Should Trump follow through in announcing his nominee on Friday or Saturday, the news would come just days before the first presidential debate between the incumbent president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Barrett, 48, is a former clerk for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Trump nominated her to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit in 2017. Lagoa, a 52-year-old Cuban American judge and Florida native, was nominated by Trump to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit at the end of 2019. Both women were confirmed in bipartisan votes by the Senate.

Rushing was nominated by Trump to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in 2018 and was confirmed in a party-line vote the following year.

The Supreme Court confirmed Ginsburg’s death Friday evening, a development that immediately injected uncertainty into the presidential election, which is less than two months away, and ignited debate about whether and how swiftly Republicans should move to fill the empty seat on the high court.

Most Republicans have thus far united behind Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in saying that Trump’s nominee should get a vote on the Senate floor. However, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) have said that they oppose moving forward with a vote before Election Day.

McConnell refused to hold a vote for then-President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, to replace Scalia in 2016 because it was during an election year. McConnell argues that the circumstances in 2020 are different, because the same party controls the White House and Senate.

The Hill‘s Morgan Chalfant contributed to the contents of this report.

TRUMP: Democrat Run Cities ‘Weak’ and ‘Soft on Crime’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday said a much tougher approach must be taken on Democrat run cities that he said were “weak” and “soft on crime.”

“Take a look at the cities,” Trump said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” while discussing the case of two Los Angeles deputies who where shot in a ambush style attack while sitting inside their patrol cars.

“The top 10 are Democrat-run, the top 25 are I think almost all Democrat-run, and their policies are horrible,” the president said. “They’ve taken respect away from police officers. They’ve degraded them. They’ve fired them.”

In New York City, many police have been fired, and “crime is through the roof,” he said.”They make it so if you speak up, you end up losing your pension, you end up losing your job.”

Trump pointed out that even police organizations in ultra liberal cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago have endorsed him despite their cities’ Democratic leadership.

“I can’t imagine anybody endorsing (Joe) Biden with his views,” said Trump. “I mean his views are death. He doesn’t have any views.”

‘CRAZY NANCY’: Trump Slams Pelosi Over Salon Trip Hypocrisy

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after leaked footage showed the Democrat leader getting her hair done in a salon despite California mandates ordering they remain closed.

The footage, obtained by Fox News, shows Pelosi getting a wash and blowout at a San Francisco hair salon on Monday. Salons in the Golden State have been ordered closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The footage also shows Pelosi walking about the facility wearing no mask.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated for having a beauty parlor opened, when all others are closed, and for not wearing a Mask – despite constantly lecturing everyone else,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “We will almost certainly take back the House, and send Nancy packing!”

“The Beauty Parlor owner must really dislike Crazy Nancy Pelosi,” the president wrote in a follow up tweet. “Turning her in, on tape, is a really big deal. She probably treats him like she treats everyone else…And she strongly supported a Kennedy who just lost in, of all places, Massachusetts!”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Pelosi claimed the liberal lawmaker followed all rules during her appointment.

“The Speaker always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements,” Drew Hammill, deputy chief of staff for Pelosi, told Fox News affiliate KTVU in San Francisco. “This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.”

However, the salon’s owner says that’s untrue and called being forced to open the salon for Pelosi a “slap in the face.”

Salon owner Erica Kious, in a phone interview with Fox News, said she was “shocked” when an independent stylist working for her who rent chairs in her salon told her that Pelosi was coming in for a blowout.

“One of the stylists who rents a chair from me contacted me Sunday night,” Kious said.

“I was like, are you kidding me right now? Do I let this happen? What do I do?” Kious told Fox News, while noting that she “can’t control” what her stylists do if they rent chairs from her.”

“It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no one else can go in, and I can’t work,” Kious said, adding that she “can’t believe” the speaker didn’t have a mask on.

“We’re supposed to look up to this woman, right?” Kious said. “It is just disturbing.”