IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY: New York Times poll shows majority opposes impeachment in 6 key swing states

NEW YORK — A majority of voters in 6 key battleground states oppose impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from office according to a recent New York Times report.

In a poll conducted by the publication, just forty-three percent of voters in the swing states of Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin support impeachment and removal of the president. Fifty-seven percent oppose.

According to the poll, those who oppose and support impeachment fall straight down party lines with 92% of Republicans opposing impeachment and removal and 84% of Democrats supporting it.

President Trump praised the poll Tuesday morning in a tweet in which he quoted Brian Kilmeade of “Fox & Friends” who had earlier discussed the survey’s findings on air.

“”I thought a very revealing poll was done by The New York Times. By about a 10 point margin, those in battleground states polled are against impeaching the President, and if Nancy Pelosi doesn’t take note of that, maybe she is a third rate politician.’ @kilmeade @foxandfriends” the president wrote.

The poll, conducted between Oct. 13-20 in the battleground states, surveyed 1,934 registered voters. The margin of error was stated as plus or minus 2.8%.


TRUMP TO OBAMA: ‘I’m no racist’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday swung back at former president Barack Obama who in a statement suggested Trump’s rhetoric was to blame for last weekend’s mass shootings.

The president took to Twitter to respond to Obama’s statement in which he slammed “leaders who demonize those who don’t look like us, or suggest that other people, including immigrants, threaten our way of life, or refer to other people as sub-human, or imply that America belongs to just one certain type of people.”

Further, Obama Obama called for Americans to reject the words “coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders” that feeds “fear and hatred and normalizes racist sentiments.”

Echoing “Fox & Friend’s” host Brian Kilmeade, Trump first chastised Obama’s criticism by pointing out that Obama’s White House predecessor, George Bush, declined to criticize Obama after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

‘Did George Bush ever condemn President Obama after Sandy Hook,'” Trump wrote, quoting Kilmeade. “President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of Control. Mass shootings were happening before the President even thought about running.”

“‘It’s political season and the election is around the corner,'” Trump wrote, quoting Kilmeade’s co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“And I am the least racist person, ” Trump added. “Black, Hispanic and Asian Unemployment is the lowest (BEST) in the history of the United States!”

Calls for statement from Barack Obama’s spokesperson in regards to the president’s tweets were met with “no comment.”