VERITAS: Sr. Advisor Reveals NJ Governor Phil Murphy Funneled $40 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Illegals

WASHINGTON– In a blockbuster report, Project Veritas revealed Wednesday that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy secretly funneled $40 million dollars in taxpayer funds to illegal immigrants and plans to give millions more.

Veritas, who earlier in the week released an undercover video of Wendy Martinez, Murphy’s senior advisor, revealing Murphy’s plans to issue vaccine mandates upon all New Jersey residents once re-elected, followed up the bombshell report with additional, previously unreleased video of Martinez revealing the exclusive details.

“It [money] was for the excluded workers – for the undocumented workers. I think it’s $40 million, something like that, and to designate that much at this point would be political suicide,” Martinez said of Murphy’s funneling funds to illegals.

“If he allocates that much to the illegals? So, he isn’t going to say anything right now?” the undercover Veritas reporter asks Martinez in the secretly recorded video.

“There’s been some money given already. It hasn’t been said,” Martinez replied. “What’s happening is they want more. I think that the forty million was what was already given.”

“But if he talks about it, then it’s gonna be suicide for him?” the reporter asks.

“If he does it right now, yes,” Martinez replies.

Matthew Urquijo – the manager of NJ Forward – was also caught by a Project Veritas’ undercover journalist admitting that he anticipates the governor providing more taxpayer money to illegals. The democrats in the state, he said, are focusing heavily on winning seats in the state legislature so they are able to ram through their radical agendas with little pushback.

“I think there’s definitely going to be more aid. Especially [because] this will be his second term,” Urquijo said. The goal is to win even more seats in the legislature so that we can like, just push, push through.“

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