UNITED AIRLINES CEO: ‘MANDATORY Vaccines Are Coming; Public Must Comply’

CHICAGO– United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said Tuesday that mandatory vaccines are coming and that the public and employees alike will have no choice but to comply.

During a speaking engagement at the Economic Club of Chicago on Tuesday, Kirby pushed mandatory vaccines for employees, saying “It will just become what is expected and what most companies do.”

“Once the ball gets rolling, it’s going to roll all the way to the bottom,” Kirby said, adding that “a big second wave” of companies will mandate vaccines in a “snowball effect.”

“I’m realistic enough, while I think it’s the right thing to do, to know United Airlines alone can’t do it and have it stick. There don’t have to be a ton of others, but there have to be others,” Kirby urged.

Kirby pointed out that companies can require workers to get the vaccine under a ruling by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but added that he doesn’t believe that mandatory vaccines for employees alone are enough adding that he supports mandatory vaccine passports not only for air travel, but for everyday activities such as attending concerts and other public events.

“It gives people a pretty strong incentive, because that’s the way they can get their life back,” Kirby proclaimed, adding “We think it’s a key to opening not just international borders and aviation, but the economy.”


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