TRUMP: Democrat Run Cities ‘Weak’ and ‘Soft on Crime’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday said a much tougher approach must be taken on Democrat run cities that he said were “weak” and “soft on crime.”

“Take a look at the cities,” Trump said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” while discussing the case of two Los Angeles deputies who where shot in a ambush style attack while sitting inside their patrol cars.

“The top 10 are Democrat-run, the top 25 are I think almost all Democrat-run, and their policies are horrible,” the president said. “They’ve taken respect away from police officers. They’ve degraded them. They’ve fired them.”

In New York City, many police have been fired, and “crime is through the roof,” he said.”They make it so if you speak up, you end up losing your pension, you end up losing your job.”

Trump pointed out that even police organizations in ultra liberal cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago have endorsed him despite their cities’ Democratic leadership.

“I can’t imagine anybody endorsing (Joe) Biden with his views,” said Trump. “I mean his views are death. He doesn’t have any views.”


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