TRUMP: Biden Has Devoted His Career to ‘Un-American’ Policies

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday Night slammed Democratic rival, Joe Biden saying the career politician has devoted his entire political career to anti-American policies.

“Joe Biden devoted his career to offshoring new jobs, throwing open your borders and dragging us into endless foreign wars and surrendering our children’s future to countries like China,” Trump said during a rally in North Carolina.

“This state lost 43 percent of all manufacturing jobs after the twin disasters of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization (WTO), that’s courtesy of Biden and his friends,” Trump said of North Carolina.

The President also pointed out Biden’s history of advocating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a multi-national agreement that Biden has vowed to bring back if elected.

“We saved the U.S. auto industry by withdrawing from the last administration’s job-killing catastrophe; the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a disaster,” Trump said.

During the Democratic National Debates last July, Biden praised the TPP, saying he would “insist” that the agreement be re-negotiated.


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