‘ENOUGH!’ Trump Sends Feds to Wisconsin to ‘Restore Law and Order’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he will be sending federal law enforcement agents to Wisconsin to help restore calm after multiple days of civil unrest.

The city of Kenosha has been rocked with riots since a black man was shot by officers on Sunday.

“We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets. My team just got off the phone with Governor [Tony] Evers who agreed to accept federal assistance (Portland should do the same!),” the president announced on Twitter. “TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!”

Riots in the city peaked early Wednesday morning as armed counter protesters pushed back against angry mobs. Two people were shot dead and another victim was injured, say police.

Wisconsin’s governor, a Democrat,initially rebuffed an offer of 500 additional Guard members, instead seeking only 250. It is not immediately clear how many will now be deployed to the state.


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