‘RIGGED!’: Trump Warns 2020 Election Will Be ‘Most Corrupt Ever’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is warning that Democrats are aiming to “rig” the 2020 election and will stop at nothing to do it.

Speaking at a Students for Trump rally Tuesday night, the president said democrats will make this autumn’s presidential election “the most corrupt ever,” and stepped up his attack on mail-in ballots.

“No, mail-in ballots is a disaster for our country. It’s going to end up in a big — you know. Look, just — just forget about all of this stuff,” Trump said to a crowd of students at the Dream City Church in Phoenix, most of whom were not wearing masks.

“Forget about speeches and teleprompters and all of that. They send out millions of ballots. Who’s getting them? How are they delivered? Who’s not getting them? Think of it. It’s going to be fraud all over the place. And if you look right now — if you look right now, look at all of the disputes they’re having on mail-in ballots….With mail-in ballots, you introduce something in the middle of an election year, and you have something where it’s very complex — you have no time to fix this very complex process,” he continued. “It’s very complex. This will be, in my opinion, the most corrupt election in the history of our country. And we cannot let this happen. They want it to happen so badly.”

Accusing Democrats of “sending tens of millions of ballots using the China virus as the excuse for allowing people not to go to the polls,” the president said we can not allow the Coronavirus to stop Americans from voting on election day.

“People went to the polls and voted during WWI, They went to the polls and voted during WWII. We can safely go to the polls and vote during COVID-19,” he said.


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