REPORT: Feds Considering Criminal Charges Against Bolton Over Leaked Classified Material

WASHINGTON — Federal prosecutors are preparing to file criminal charges against former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton if it is revealed that his soon-to-be-released memoir contains classified information, according to a report.

The report, published by the Los Angeles Times, comes just one day after the Department of Justice filed motion asking a federal judge to block publication of Bolton’s upcoming book, “In the Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”

The suit calls for the court to prevent Bolton from “compromising national security” by publishing the 500-page manuscript — which the government described as “rife with classified information,” stating his plan to release the book is in direct breach of his White House employment agreement.

“The United States seeks an order requiring defendant to abide by his contractual and fiduciary duties to complete the prepublication review process and not disclose classified information without written authorization, thereby protecting the national security of the United States,” the suit reads.

“Simply put, defendant struck a bargain with the United States as a condition of his employment in one of the most sensitive and important national security positions in the United States government,” the suit continues, “and now wants to renege on that bargain by unilaterally deciding that the pre-publication review process is complete and deciding for himself whether classified information should be made public.”

In the book, Bolton accused the House of Representatives of committing “impeachment malpractice” and alleged that the President Donald Trump had engaged in greatly more significant impeachable conduct than what he was ultimately accused of.

A White House spokesperson, when reached for comment, called Bolton’s claims “a work of fiction.”


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