Kinzinger: Iran Goading US to ‘Overreact’

WASHINGTON — Iran is trying to push the United States into taking two different courses of action on the escalating tensions in the Middle East: “overreact or do nothing at all”, Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Thursday.

Kinzinger says either reaction would only aid Iran.

“They either want the U.S. to not react to provocation, which makes us look weak, or they want us to overreact which, in that way, they can use the “blame America first” crowd in the United States,” the Illinois Republican told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

There have been numerous conflicts with Iran since 1979, said Kinzinger, “despite the fact we have never invaded Iran, and yet somehow, this is our fault.”

So far, said Kinzinger, President Trump has refused to plan into his detractors’ hands, instead choosing to respond “proportionately, but with strength.”

Kinzinger, who served in the Air National Guard, categorized the threat by Iran as escalating but said we are not yet in red level status yet. “It’s a fact that they want to destroy the United States,” said Kinzinger he said. “They say ‘Death to America’ We have to take them seriously.”

However, it would be a mistake for the United States to retaliate too quickly, said Kinzinger. Doing so would only benefit the rogue state.

“I’m not sure this is quite yet rising to the level of ‘we are on the brink of an impending battle with Iran,'” said Kinzinger. “Iran is overreacting; we are reacting in a measured way.”

“Keep in mind, the rest of the region, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, everywhere, people are protesting against Iranian expansion into the Middle East,” Kinzinger added. “Right now they’re on the decline and we are in a much better position to see this thing through.”



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