MORE WINNING: ‘Majority’ of voters would approve of a Trump second term

WASHINGTON — A new poll released by The Hill on Monday shows that a “majority” of registered voters say they would be open to a second presidential term for Donald Trump.

54 percent of voters asked in the new HarrisX poll say they would consider voting for the much-embattled president in 2020, with most citing the booming economy as their reason why.

“Clearly the economy is always the issue in every presidential election,” GOP pollster Ed Goeas told Hill.TV. “Because that’s what it always is. Jobs, the economy, taxes. Basically, do people feel their lives are doing better economically than when that president went in?”

In all, the entire poll showed favorable results for the often embattled president.

According to the numbers:

– 95 percent of respondents who said they voted for Trump in 2016 said they’d do it again in 2020.

– Nearly a quarter, 24 percent, of 2016 Hillary Clinton voters who once said they would “never” vote for Trump now say they’d at least consider it and 35 percent say they now feel confident that they could.

A March 18 CNN-SSRS poll found that 71 percent of Americans viewed the country’s economy as “favorable”, a driving force for many voters.

Twenty percent of respondents polled said another reason they were willing to vote Trump in 2020 is that they viewed the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates as “too liberal”.




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