‘APOLOGIZE OR ELSE’: Attorney for MAGA teens gives critics 48 hours to take back ‘false statements’ or face legal action

COVINGTON, KY — An attorney representing some Northern Kentucky students at the center of last week’s controversy at the Lincoln Memorial says anyone who has posted derogatory comments about the students involved have 48 hours to retract their statements or face legal action.

The students, young men who attend an all boy’s Catholic school, quickly came under fire on social media last Friday after an edited video suggested they had confronted and harassed Native American activist Nathan Phillips.

The boys, many of whom were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, were targeted for harassment and received multiple threats of violence online.

“Everybody now is on 48-hour notice so by Friday, everybody needs to retract and correct any false statements they have issued about these kids,” attorney Robert Barnes, who is representing the boys, their families and the school, Covington Catholic, for free told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

The ultimatum includes “any major member of the media,” Barnes said. “That includes anybody with a substantial social media platform. If you have said anything false about these kids, they are willing to extend to you a 48-hour time period of grace, consistent with their Christian faith, for you through confessions to get redemption and retract and correct and apologize.”

Barnes went on to say that anyone who has posted “false statements” about the boys or the school could face lawsuits for libel as most of the boys are minors and in that instance, malice does not need to be proven.


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