‘OVER MY DEAD BODY’: Giuliani says there’s ‘no way’ he would allow a Trump sit down with Mueller

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani says there is “no way” that he would permit his client to sit down one-on-one with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the wake of bombshell revelations regarding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday” Giuliani said he would not allow his client to be “railroaded” and “framed” the way he now believes Flynn was.

“What they did to General Flynn should result in discipline,” Giuliani said. “They’re the ones who are violating the law. They’re looking at a non-crime: collusion. The other guys are looking at a non-crime: campaign violation, which are not violations, and they are the ones who are violating the law, the rules, the ethics, nobody wants to look at them. They destroyed Strzok and Page’s 19,000 texts. If he destroyed texts, they would put him in jail, even though they can’t because he’s the president.”

In an often heated series of exchanges with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Giuliani doubled down on his claim that Trump initially “didn’t know about” hush-money paid to two women by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen which prosecutors claim amounted to campaign finance violations.

“Yes, this man is lying — is that a surprise to you, that Michael Cohen is lying?” Giuliani asked. “The man got up in front of a judge and said, ‘I was fiercely loyal to Donald Trump.’ Nonsense. He wasn’t fiercely loyal to him, he taped him. He sat there with [CNN anchor] Chris Cuomo, told him he wasn’t being taped, showed him a drawer and he lied to him and taped him for two hours.”

Asked whether President Trump — who has already provided written responses to inquiries from Mueller — would be willing to meet with Special Counsel, Giuliani responded, “Yeah, good luck, good luck — after what they did to Flynn, the way they trapped him into perjury, and no sentence for him.”

“Over my dead body,” Giuliani added. “But, you know, I could be dead.”



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