PEDOGATE CRACKDOWN: Police find 51 of 76 missing Michigan children as Trump administration’s war on child sex trafficking continues

FLINT, Mich — Dozens of Michigan children who had been reported missing were rescued on Thursday as part of an ongoing effort by the Trump administration to crack down on child sex traffickers.

According to a report published by WEIY-TV, 51 of the state’s 76 reported missing children were uncovered as part of a sting carried out by state and local police.

Investigators told WEYI that the goal was to locate children who had slipped through the cracks after being reported missing from school and, or foster care.

Police say many of the children who were located were victims of human trafficking.

The event was just the latest in a string of efforts by the federal government to rescue children who are at risk of human trafficking.

A sting on the sex-trafficking trade in the metro Atlanta area last week netted dozens of arrests and led to the rescue of approximately 160 children who had been forced to work as sex slaves.

Approximately 150 arrests were made in accordance with the Atlanta bust, known as Operation Safe Summer, and the children rescued, some as young as 3-years-old, were taken into protective custody.

President Trump’s battle against child sex trafficking, which he has made a priority in his administration, has resulted in thousands of arrests nationwide, mostly unreported by the mainstream media.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says his officers will continue to work until the remaining missing children are located.

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29 thoughts on “PEDOGATE CRACKDOWN: Police find 51 of 76 missing Michigan children as Trump administration’s war on child sex trafficking continues

  1. Thank You All that is supporting this and finding these children. I stand up against child crimes. Throw all of these pedos in prison!!!


    1. Trump is close to getting some big fish why do you think all of a sudden we had this big old virus China’s losing out so they got to start there and all the world deep State follows in Germany France Spain this way they have total control over us without any constitutional rights. They’re getting nervous they can’t see Trump win again or else they’ll be exposed is that the problem.?


    1. It does in Coeur d Alene, Idaho. Being from Calif. to Idaho we know how bad child trafficking is, but the Traffickers are now reach small town in not so busy places.Parents keep your eyes on your children.


    1. Shouldn’t the goal be to get rid of pedophiles, not people of a particular political party? Otherwise, this country wouldn’t really be with liberty and justice to ALL


      1. Democrats are the pedophiles! They are the ones sex trafficking these children, and they worship the devil. There is a documentary on it.


    2. the majority of the Democraps in office are pedophiles themselves and in on this crap, It wouldn’t surprise me to find that pelosi and biden are the ring leaders


  2. I honestly see More of these crimes since we opened our doors to “Refugees” from Muslim countries and Illegals crossing our borders! I have NO idea why so many Americans get caught up in this vile practice and Pray that EVERYBODY GETS HELPED OUT OF THIS FANTASTIC CRACKDOWN! GOD BLESS THEM ALL AND HAVE MERCY ON THE CULPRITS!!!

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  3. In whose possession(s) were they found? What has been their fate? The citizenry deserves to know what justice does about and with them. It has to be severe!
    There is good reason to think that Soetoro’s wonderful Muslims are involved. It’s part of their Quarnic command.

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  4. Thank you President Trump & All those who do the footwork to find our missing children!
    Prayers for their safety & yours as you carry on♡

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  5. It’s about time one of our officials recognized the priority of sex trafficking! WTG Trump and our Law enforcement.


  6. Thank you to all of you that have worked so hard to find and save those precious children who are being abused by sick perverts.


  7. They ran out of excuses to go to war so now the war is about children. Immigration is really about child trafficking. Undocumented slaves. The plan is to further fracture the family by giving a blank check to CPS to steal kids away from protective parents and traffic them through foster care. Although it’s not ideal, a child is actually safer staying in an abusive home than getting “adopted” through foster care where pedophiles and abusers groom them to be sex slaves. These are babies we’re talking about, not teenagers.


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