ASSOCIATED PRESS: Police release 2,100 documents relating to Vegas mass shooting

Las Vegas, Nev. (AP) — Police in Las Vegas released documents Wednesday that they said contain dispatch logs and additional officer reports about the investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The release of some 2,100 pages of documents followed a court order after The Associated Press and other media organizations sued for information on the Oct. 1 shooting that killed 58 people and injured hundreds more.

More than seven months after the attack, the key unanswered question remains a motive for the rampage. Police and the FBI have said they don’t know what led Stephen Paddock to open fire from his high-rise hotel room onto an outdoor concert below.

They have said they believe Paddock, 64, a retired accountant, real estate investor and high-stakes gambler, acted alone and that the attack had no link to international terrorism.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has said police compiled thousands of documents and amassed hundreds of hours of video, including witness cellphone recordings and footage from officers’ body-worn cameras.

The department has been releasing the information in waves, with names and identifying characteristics of witnesses blacked out. It has not provided all the materials it collected.

Some 1,200 pages of similar police reports and witness statements released last week unveiled accounts from two people who said a person they believed to be the gunman ranted in the days prior the attack about the U.S. government and gun control.

Footage from two officers’ body cameras released May 2 showed police blasting through the door of the Mandalay Bay hotel suite where Paddock is seen dead amid a cache of assault-style weapons.

Authorities say Paddock broke windows on the 32nd floor of the hotel and fired for about 10 minutes into a concert crowd of 22,000 people at an open-air venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

Media outlets sued to obtain videos, 911 recordings, evidence logs and interview reports to shed light on the response by public agencies, emergency workers and hotel officials during and after the shooting.



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