BLUE WAVE TUMBLES: Democrats in panic mode ahead of November election as polls show more voters siding with Trump

Washington, D.C. (Washington Examiner) — Enthusiasm for Democrats in the upcoming fall elections appears to be waning, especially among younger and black voters, as confidence in President Trump’s handling of the economy and national security firms up, according to a new national survey.

The latest Zogby Analytics polls, provided to Secrets, revealed that the public trusts Trump more on the economy and national security, a finding that is likely to increase his value on the campaign trail for Republicans.

When asked “Who do you trust more?” on the economy, it was Trump over Democrats 41 percent to 35 percent, and on national security the president again led, 40 percent to 38 percent.

Added to the poll’s other findings that support for Democrats is down among millennials, blacks, and so-called Walmart and NASCAR voters, it would appear that Trump is back in favor among voters and that the ballyhooed “Blue Wave” is dissipating.

“Could Trump prove to be the difference maker for Republicans in 2018? The data does point in this direction but the election is still six months out. Now Republican congressional candidates must decide if they want President Trump to blaze the campaign trail for them. That could prove to be wise at the moment,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby’s analysis.

Overall, the poll showed that 40 percent plan to support Democrats in the elections, 33 percent Republicans. In January, said Zogby, support for Democrats was at 44 percent.

The poll is the latest to suggest that Democrats are not on their way to a House and Senate rout. It indicates that since January, enthusiasm has tempered for the Democrats.

But the poll, and another on Trump’s approval numbers, do not show a big boost for Trump. He remains at an approval rate of just 46 percent and he has a “see-saw” relationship with elements of his base that he needs to secure, said the poll.

Still, the two polls provide some evidence that the Democratic march has been slowed.


Since January, support for Trump among African Americans has increased 8 percent.
Democrats lost more than 10 percent since January among voters aged 18-50, 14 percent among Millennials aged 18-29. African American support for Democrats has dropped 20 percent since January.





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