‘THANKS BARRY!’: Trump mocks Obama; Calls wealth of empty judge seats left behind a ‘gift from heaven’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump on Thursday gave a sarcastic shout out to former president Barack Obama for leaving him so many vacant federal judge seats to fill, a benefit, he says, to carrying out the agendas of his administration.

“You know when I got in we had over 100 federal judges that weren’t appointed,” the President said during a speech in Ohio. “I don’t know why Obama left that, it was like a big beautiful president he left all of us. Why the hell did he leave that?”

“Maybe he got complacent,” Trump surmised.

“Now we have about 145 federal district judges, we have 17 court of appeals judges, and we have the one supreme court justice,” Trump continued. “We were left a present..it was like a gift from heaven…amazing, it was a gift, thank you very much President Obama!”

“They are the ones that judge all your disputes,” the president added. “They judge on what’s fair on the environment and what’s not fair. Where they’re going to take your farms and factories away and where they’re not.”

According to a report published by the Los Angeles Times, Trump ranks 6th of 19 presidents appointing the highest number of federal judges within their first year, having appointed 23 judges thus far.

“It’s one area where the administration has really been successful, so understanding what’s happening is important,” University of Georgia law professor Susan Brodie Haire told the Times. “Nominations pretty much came to a halt until the start of the Trump administration when the Senate started quickly confirming his nominees,” she added.

The primary reason, say analysts, is that Republicans hold the majority in both the House and Senate.



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