ICE DIRECTOR: ‘Illegal immigration at 45 year low thanks to Trump’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The number of illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United States is at a 45 year low, says acting ICE director Thomas Homan, and a large portion of the credit goes to President Donald Trump.

“Under this president, we had a 45-year low in illegal immigration on the border this year,” Homan said on Fox News’ Thursday morning edition of”Fox and Friends” (

“That’s not a coincidence,” said Horman, who’s served as director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement since Trump was sworn into office last January. “(Trump) is successful. He has allowed us to do our job.”

Turning his comments toward DACA, the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals program implemented by former president Barack Obama, Homan said the president must pick his battles carefully.

“I hear a lot of talk about a clean DACA bill. Let’s just pass DACA and not worry about all this other stuff like the wall and border security,” Homan said on Fox. “We need to fix the underlying causes of illegal immigration.”

The causes, said Homan, include entire family units sneaking across the southern US border and a lax criminal justice system that allows offenders caught crossing the border illegally to skip court and defy orders to appear.

“If we don’t address the causes of illegal immigration, if we don’t give the men and women on the ground the tools to close these loopholes … to enforce immigration law in the interior of the United States, you’re going to have DACA again in 10 years,” Homan warned. “The families coming across now, that’s your next DACA.

“Let’s not just reward illegal behavior and end it there,” Homan added. “Let’s make some changes to fix this problem.”



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