ROSIE’S RAGE: O’ Donnell goes on Christmas rant; Tells Paul Ryan he’s going ‘straight to hell’ over tax cuts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a rambling Twitter rant on Christmas Day liberal comedian Rosie O’Donnell attacked Paul Ryan, telling the House speaker he’ll “go straight to hell” for leading the passage of a GOP tax cut bill that will likely save middle-class families thousands of dollars in annual taxes.

“Paul Ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell,” O’Donnell tweeted on Monday in response to a Christmas message tweeted out by Ryan in which he mentioned the birth of Jesus Christ.

“U screwed up fake altar boy,” O’Donnell added before ending her rant with,”#JudasMuch?” referencing the Bible’s Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ before Jesus’ crucifixion.

O’Donnell’s latest rant follows one last week where she openly tried to bribe sitting members of Congress to vote against the president’s tax reform bill, offering Sens. Jeff Flake and Susan Collins $2 million each if they voted against it.

Under 18 U.S. Code § 201, ( bribing a member of Congress is classified as a federal crime. The statute prohibits anyone from “corruptly” offering “anything of value to any public official” with the intent to influence the official or an official act.

O’Donnell claims that her offer to pay Flake and Collins was in jest, but the offer led to multiple calls for her arrest and prosecution. It is not yet known what, if any, action will be taken against O’Donnell based on her apparent bribe attempt, but if convicted, she could face up to 15 years in prison.

Meanwhile, taking the high ground, a rep for Ryan responded only by saying: “We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!” when asked to comment on O’Donnell’s tirade.







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