MOTIVE UNKNOWN: Rand Paul attacker out on bail as police investigate what led to assault

BOWLING GREEN, KY — The alleged attacker of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been released on bail after being charged with assaulting the one-time Republican presidential candidate inside his home last Friday.

Warren County Regional Jail records show that 59-year-old Rene Boucher was released on $7,500 bail following his arrest on Saturday.

Kelsey Cooper, a spokeswoman for the senator, confirmed Paul sustained multiple injuries in the attack, including 5 broken ribs.

Although police have yet to identify a motive in the attack, sources close to the investigation say they believe the assault may have been politically motivated. Voter records from March 2017 show Rene Boucher registered as a Democrat and KSP spokesman Jeremiah Hodges told USA Today on Monday that FBI investigators are looking into whether or not Paul’s Conservative status may have been a precursor to the attack.

A spokeswoman for Paul’s office said in a press release that the senator was “blindsided” by the assault.

“Senator Paul was blindsided and the victim of an assault,” it stated. “The assailant was arrested and it is now a matter for the police.”

Although Boucher is currently charged with misdemeanor assault, police officials say that soon may change.

“it is up to Commonwealth prosecutors” whether Boucher’s charges could change from misdemeanor to felony, a spokesperson for Kentucky State Police told Fox News ( “Prosecutors will review our case in its entirety and they’ll make a determination if it will be bumped up to felony,” Jeremy Hodges, master trooper and public affairs officer for KSP said on Monday. “The senator’s injuries are part of the investigation.”

David Habich, a spokesman for the FBI, said the agency is looking into whether or not the assault qualifies as a federal offense due to Paul’s senatorial status.

“We are working with our state and local partners to determine if there was a violation of federal law,” Habich said.

In a phone interview with Bowling Green’s WKBO News on Sunday night (–455219213.html) Boucher’s attorney, Matt Baker, said his client was remorseful over the incident and denied speculation that Paul’s Republican status is what fueled the attack.

“It was absolutely not planned out before-hand. I’ve seen a couple of media spots that would tend to suggest that it was politically motivated,” said Baker. That is absolutely and unequivocally untrue. It’s just a very, very hugely regrettable incident that would not happen again in a million years.”



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