A SIGN FROM ABOVE? Ultrasound captures image of what parents say is Jesus watching over unborn daughter

Chambersburg, PA — After learning they were pregnant, Alicia Zeek and Zac Smith say they were overjoyed but worried due to the severe complications the couple had encountered during Zeek’s two previous pregnancies.

But a routine ultrasound put their minds to ease, says the couple, when an ultrasound technician captured an on screen image of what they claim is Jesus watching over their unborn daughter.

“When they gave it to us… Umm, to me, it’s Jesus. And it looks like Jesus,” says Zeek.

The pair had already struggled with medical issues during Zeek’s previous pregnancies that threatened the lives of both their son and their older daughter and were nervous upon entering the ultrasound room, unsure as to what they would find. Now, after seeing the image, the parents-to-be say they know everything is going to be alright.

“I blinked a lot, to kinda make sure I was really seeing it…” Zeek, who says she was never religious before this experience, told WPMT. “To me, it’s Jesus. It looks like Jesus.”

Smith says he feels the same. “This is distinct– I mean, there’s another face looking at my daughter,” he said. “When I seen it, it almost brought tears to my eyes … I was speechless, I just couldn’t believe it, I really didn’t believe what I was seeing.”

After reviewing the ultrasound results, doctors have confirmed what the pair say they already knew. Their baby, a little girl, appears perfectly healthy.

“The angel or God or Jesus, however you want to propose it, I look at it as my blessing,” said Smith.

The couple plan on naming the baby Briella. Her big brother and big sister, they say, can’t wait to meet her.


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