PORTLAND, OR– Police investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Oregon boy searched a heavily wooded area on Sunday in the hopes of obtaining new clues that may lead to his whereabouts.

Kyron Horman, who disappeared from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon on June 4, 2010, was reportedly last seen by his then step-mother, Terry Horman in the hallway outside his classroom just after Horman claims she dropped the boy off at school after attending a school science fair that morning. The boy was marked absent from class that day and was reported missing after he failed to arrive home on the school bus as expected.

The then 7-year old boy’s disappearance led to the largest search-and-rescue operation in Oregon’s history.

On Sunday, a search-and-rescue team looking for clues in the boy’s disappearance combed through an area about 5 miles from the boy’s former school. Although police say they collected several items, none appear to have proven relevant to the boy’s whereabouts.

“We want to ensure we leave no stone unturned,” Multnomah County Sheriff spokesman Lt. Chad Gaidos said of the new search, which was conducted in an area that investigators had not examined before.

Terri Horman — who now lives in California and goes by her maiden name, Terri Moulton — has never been named a suspect in the case and denies harming her step-son, although it has been widely reported that she failed two separate polygraph examinations relating to the boy’s disappearance and walked out on a third.

However, the boy’s mother, Desiree Young, has been vocal in her belief that Moulton is responsible for her son’s disappearance.

“My son is the reason I get up every day and fight to bring him home,” Young said in a May event in recognition of National Missing Children’s Day. “I want to see him smile again. I want to hear his laugh and, most of all, I want to feel his hug. I will never give up.”

In early 2017 the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released a newly updated age enhanced photo that indicates what Kyron Horman may look like today at the age of 14. As reported by Oregon Live (, Young pleaded with the public to continue sharing her son’s photo.

“Some days the hope that our child will come home is all that keeps us going. It’s our job as parents to keep our child’s case in the public eye and keep hope alive so the public keeps looking for all missing children,” Young said.

While officials said they are not following any new specific leads in the case, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office says they want public that they will not give up until Horman is found.

“It’s an investigation that will stay near and dear to our hearts until there’s an answer,” says Gaidos.

In a development seemingly unrelated to her former step-son’s disappearance, Detectives in Roseburg, Oregon announced they are investigating allegations of a murder-for-hire plot involving Terri Moulton that occurred nearly 30 years ago.

The alleged murder-for-hire plot targeted a man named Sean Rea, Moulton’s boyfriend at the time. Rea recalls a scary incident in which he claims a man with a gun confronted him.

“Terri said, ‘He’s here for you!’” Rea recalled.

Court records indicate police have known about the murder-for-hire allegations since 2011. It remains unclear as to why the case wasn’t sent to prosecutors earlier, but sources close to the case say it may be that police did not want their efforts to find Kyron Horman to be hindered by the separate investigation.

Terri Moulton was also recently found not guilty in a criminal case surrounding a gun charge ( Moulton had been accused of stealing her former roommate’s handgun from a safe. Police say the charge had nothing to do with Kyron Horman’s disappearance.


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