ATLANTA, GA — After months of negative coverage of the Trump administration, tensions hit a fever pitch on Monday as Trump aide Kellyann Conway and CNN host Chris Quomo paired off over what Conway called the network’s “fake news” coverage on Russia.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day”, the pair sparred bitterly over a report that Donald Trump Jr., accompanied by then-campaign chair Paul Manafort, and Trump Sr.’s son-in-law Jared Kushner met with a Russian lawyer linked to the Kremlin in the hopes of obtaining “dirt” on Trump’s then Democratic rival Hillary Clinton (

After a series of questions in which Quomo hinted that the revelations proved that Trump had colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, Conway lost her cool with the left leaning correspondent, asking him how he could live with himself.

“Aren’t you the least bit reluctant, if not embarrassed that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America? Doesn’t this bother you?”

“No Kellyanne, this matters,” Quomo retorted.

“I think America matters,” Conway quickly shot back.

After being interrupted by Quomo several times as she tried in vain to defend the President and his administration, Conway shouted her way over top of Quomo’s further attempts to silence her and stated her piece.

“Chris, you were just — okay. Listen. You were just able to speak two minutes uninterrupted, and I frankly think it was more punditry than reporting. So I would like to respond. If we were in court, your side would not even survive a motion to dismiss because you’ve got nothing”, said Conway.

“On this one, Don Jr. Has very clearly said he was told that there would be some kind of information helpful to the campaign. It quickly became very apparent there was not. Let me say something about who goes into these meetings in the Trump campaign. We were a very small operation. I was not involved in June. I was involved in July. And became the campaign manager in August. It’s very typical to have principals in the meeting.

We had a fraction of the staff than Clinton had over there. You’re trying to have your viewers think because these three principals were in there, it was viewed as some type of seriousness that simply is not true. This was standard operating procedure for the campaign.”

“You don’t care if Russia was trying to get inside your campaign to affect the election?” Quomo countered

Conway replied, “You don’t know what I care about. Why don’t you ask me?”

“That was a question. There was a question mark at the end of it,” Quomo responded.

“I admire your moxie, sitting there with the CNN chyron right near you, talking about credibility issues, given the couple weeks you guy have had,” snapped Conway, taking a stab at the network’s recent highly publicized issues with credibility.

“I could not be more proud to have that CNN chyron next to me,” Cuomo told her. “And I could be more proud representing the White House here on CNN,’ Conway responded.”

“You wanted to produce something because you’re invested in months now as a network in something that simply doesn’t exist,” Conway added, attempting to tie the Trump, Jr. story in with a host of other Russian collusion stories CNN has ran in recent months that have not panned out.

“No, that’s an assumption by you. And it’s an unfair premise,” countered Cuomo.

“No, Chris. That’s not true,” Conway pushed back. “Here is the unfair premise, that we are talking about this again. Yet again. That you talk about Russia more than you talk about America. That the big bombshell of the day is Jim Comey having classified information, conversations with the President of the United States, in his memorandum” (

Conway took to Twitter shortly after the interview ended to vent her disdain for the CNN host.

“To me pal @ChrisCuomo: Here’s how you and I are different: you want to talk about Russia; I want to talk about America,” Conway tweeted.

Comey may now himself be the subject of a congressional probe as investigators seek to determine whether or not he mishandled classified information.


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