NEW YORK, N.Y. — Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity has gone public with a warning that his own network may be on the brink of its final days.

Hannity, host of a radio news program and evening talk show which bears his name on the Fox News channel, took to Twitter on Friday to vent his frustrations over internal conflict within the network.

Referencing a report New York Magazine that Fox was in the midst of a management “shakeup” after fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was let go amid claims of sexual harassment, Hannity said it would be the “total end” of Fox News if the report was true.

“I pray this is NOT true because if it is, that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it,” he tweeted. “Done.”

“Somebody HIGH UP AND INSIDE [Fox News Channel] is trying to get an innocent person fired,” Hannity then tweeted. “I KNOW WHO it is.” He followed up the tweet with the hashtag #IStandWithShine, a reference to the network’s co-president Bill Shine, who sources say is being targeted for removal.

Hannity was himself the target of what he called a “witch hunt” during the last week as Debbie Schlussel, a woman who had once appeared on his program, came forward to claim that she had been sexually harassed by Hannity, who she claims invited her to accompany him to his hotel room and became angry when she refused . Hannity, however, was quick to fight back and threatened legal action over what he called the accuser’s “false accusations”.

Schlussel soon later retracted her accusation.

The controversy is just the latest in a series of embarrassments that have plagued the news giant since Fox News’ CEO James Murdock, and co-chairman Lachlan Murdock, each the son of media mogul Rupert Murdock, took control over the network after former chief Roger Ailes stepped down after his own sexual harassment scandal.

Fox News has refused a request to issue comment on Hannity’s recent tweets.

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